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A Preview of the Post Graduate Program in Sales and Marketing Management

Program objective

This program aims at providing an in depth knowledge and understanding of the ‘Sales & Marketing’ Function’ with a focus on the service industry. The modules are designed to equip students with a thorough insight of all the related elements which essentially enable them to discharge the role of a sales executive and eventually as a sales and marketing manager. The program will focus on the operational, as well as the non-operational facets. Aspects like buyer behaviour, market research; sales promotion techniques, financial analysis, fundamentals of personal selling, understanding of revenue management and online marketing will be embedded in the curriculum. The program is targeted towards students with a Bachelor degree in any field with an aspiration to become a ‘sales & marketing manager’.

Program structure

The program is spread over three semesters and will cover the following subjects.

A brief snapshot of the modules of the program is given below – 

Fundamentals of selling (basic skills)

This core module aims to build an understanding of the selling process and the skills that any sales person must have to perform in the field. The module continues into the second semester (advance skills) to build on the foundations laid in the first semester. From prospecting to qualifying to handling objections, the module delves on the core components of a typical sales cycle. The importance of planning as a tool that helps in setting challenging yet realistic goals and then working to achieve them through an understanding of territory management is a part of the desired learning outcomes of this module. Communication and listening skills are interlinked with the role of a sales person as a core competency for successful selling.

Fundamentals of selling (advanced skills)

This advance module aims to build upon the basic module to build competencies that would enable a sales executive work towards a larger role as a future sales manager, expected to lead a team of sales executives.  In a dynamic marketplace, the strength of the selling arm of a business is a critical success factor. Skills like delegation, time management and teamwork are critical attributes required in any sales person. Being able to motivate peers and subordinates to achieve goals, assessing performance in a structured manner and making appropriate decisions based on the same are also skills that are discussed in this module. The module offers a macro perspective on the function that should allow a sales person to view a sales manager’s role with certain clarity.

Financial Skills for Profitable Selling

Financial analysis and evaluation is an essential skill for sales managers in the hospitality industry. This module provides students with an introduction to various aspects of finance. By the end of the module, students will understand the key features of management accounts, be able to perform basic analysis enabling them to interpret operational performance. Through the use of relevant business scenarios they will explore the sales manager’s role in the realms of the key areas of revenue, expenditure and asset utilization. They will also acquire the excel skills to support financial business decision making.

Revenue Management Basics

Revenue management is an essential holistic operations management approach that encompasses the management of distribution, customer relationships, inventory and price control to ultimately enhance a firm’s long term profit. Almost all hotel, travel and tourism operations share most of the following characteristics – relatively fixed capacity, perishable inventory, services that are sold in advance, fluctuating demand from a variety of markets, relatively low marginal sales costs and high fixed costs. In these circumstances similar methods for optimizing revenue (sales) and profits have been developed. This module introduces these methods and develops students’ ability to apply them.

Understanding E-Selling and Distribution

The role of electronic media has become very crucial today as a selling tool as well as a well entrenched platform for distribution. Identifying and optimizing different E-selling tools is fast emerging as a differentiator of the selling strength of a hospitality business. In this module, students will develop understanding of different electronic channels, their internal operations, e-vendor identification etc. It will also include work on some successful cases of E-hospitality Business. It will enable them to survive in a dynamic market saturated with competitors and substitutes.

Buyer Behaviour

Understanding of the human psychology and its expression in the buying behaviour that is seen in individual consumers as well as institution or business based buying is the focus of this module. With the socio-cultural context changing rapidly, responding to changes in gender equity, purchasing power shifts and demographic changes becomes important for a hospitality business. Also, enablement and impact of the internet for buying decisions is a critical area for research in buying behaviour. This module will enable students  to deploy this knowledge to strengthen selling and marketing skills for self and team.

Research & Market Intelligence

Not a taught module. Students will be assigned a research topic in semester 1. Based on secondary research, students will submit a research paper/ project at the end of the second semester. They will have a Mentor to guide them on this component.

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A Preview of Culinary Activities at Vedatya Institute

Here’s taking a look at some of the Culinary Activities organized by our institute for our graduate program (SHTM) students and school students.

Chef Mahut of Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, Visits Vedatya Campus

It was indeed a memorable experience for all foodies, budding chefs and hospitality students who were a part of the workshop cum demo by Chef Mahut of Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, at Vedatya campus.Chef Mahut who holds a holds a “Brevet d’EtudesProfessionnelles (BEP)” in cuisine, a “Certificatd’AptitudeProfessionnelle (CAP)” in pastry confectionery & chocolate and ice cream making, has also been inducted in Paris in the Chaine des Rotisseurs Association very recently. He has extensive experience across France & USA and joined the Le Cordon Bleu Paris team of Chef Instructors in 2013.

Master Chef Competition 2014

It was an honour to have Chef Bernard Koenig, Executive Chef Radisson Blu Plaza, Mumbai, lead the Master Chef Competition on 14th November, 2014. Chef Bernard, originally from Germany, is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of extensive international experience and skills in food and beverage management and culinary arts.Chef Bernard spoke to the participants about the culinary career and its prospects in the hospitality industry. It is indeed a pleasure to have people of his profile provide an international perspective to the participants of Master Chef Competition.

The Master Chef Competition 2014 concluded on 22nd Nov, 2014 with presentation of trophies to the top 3 winners amongst the 10 finalist teams.

  • Winners – Vidya Bharti School, Delhi – Mansi Aggarwal, Kirtika and Resham
  • 1st Runner-up – DPS SushantLok, Gurgaon – Tanvi Shah, Riya Gulia and VardaanKher
  • 2nd Runner-up – Suncity World School, Gurgaon – Ayush, Shivam and Mayank

Thai Cuisine Workshop

Vedayta Institute hosted Chef YenjaiSuthiwaja of NeungRoi, Radisson Blu Plaza, New Delhi. Chef YenjaiSuthiwaja’sinterpretation of the Thai Cuisine is very modern and refined. She has not changed her style of cooking, or compromised on authenticity, just because she is working in India. NeungRoi, which means 100 in Thai, scores close to it, in terms of the variety of dishes served from across the length and breadth of Thailand. In terms of authenticity, it gets a close 90, with the flavours being more subtle, yet complex, than what the Indian palate is used to.

Culinary Workshops

It wasindeed a pleasure hosting students from various schools at Vedatya Campus for a Culinary Workshop with the Chef Trainer. With Vedatya being one of the leading institutes in Hospitality research and academic discourse in the country, the institute has been working towards creating opportunities for students to discover and develop their passion for a culinary pathway. Some of the prominent schools for whom the demonstration has been conducted successfully are:

  • Culinary Workshop for Heritage School, conducted at Vedatya Campus
  • Culinary Workshop for Dwarka International
  • Culinary Workshop for KVS, RK Puram, conducted atVedatya Campus

Vedatya at Pathways World School

Vedatya was invited by Pathways World School, Aravali, for the University Fair organized at their campus on 21st March, 2015. The fair was organized for students and parents of class 9 and above to give them a preview of the colleges and programs that they can look out for.

Vedatya Students organized theme based event ‘Thai Pavillion’

The SHTM 2012 students organized a theme based event christened as “Thai Pavilion” on 1st March 2015 at the Vedatya Campus.

Chef Hardev Singh Saini (Chef de Cuisine – Crowne Plaza, Rohini) was invited to be a part of this event to give industry expert feedback to the students on their overall performance. He was quite impressed by the way the students arranged the event.

Note: This is a part of their curriculum for the Hospitality Events Management Module. The module is designed to provide the students hands on experience of organizing an event, starting from planning to execution.

Open House & Culinary Workshop at Eicher School

It was a pleasure conducting an Open House at the Eicher School, Faridabad, on 18th of April, 2015. The session, conducted by Prof. Sandeep Munjal, Dean and Acting Director Vedatya Institute, on “Career Planning and Development”, addressed parents and students on academics at Vedatya and career prospects post the degree. The discussion was followed by an opportunity to interact with him. The open house session was followed by a culinary workshop.

Budding Chef Competition 2015

The Budding Chef Competition was held with an aim to promote culinary arts to the new generation. The competition was held on the 9th and 10th of October 2015 at Vedatya’s campus. A total of 28 teams from various cities/schools participated in the competition, and eight teams were shortlisted for the final round.

For the final round the students were asked to prepare a main dish using ingredients pulled out from a surprise basket. We’re amazed with the confidence of the students and their innovative approach. The students not only prepared some extremely delicious dishes but also presented them in a professional manner.

The three winning teams were:

Winners – Abhinav Seth and Bharat Jain from Swami Vivekananda High School, Indore

1st Runners up – Shashwat Agarwal, Anshima Varma, &  Kriti Chawla from Pathways World School

2nd Runners up – Jaya Bhardwaj, Lekha, Aditi Agnihotri from Raman Munjal Vidya Mandir School

To know more about the culinary workshops and activities conducted by Vedatya, write in at