Research: Oachira Panthrandu Vilakku: A study of a culturally embedded festival aligned with economic benefits

India is a culturally diverse country, making it a very popular tourist destination. Cultural tourism builds and promotes the identity of the local community due to which tourism can be viewed as part of a larger canvas that is of interest and importance to all community stakeholders. Oachira Panthrandu Vilakku festival is a fine example of cultural tourism which is being organized every year in a huge scale. This festival invites large number of pilgrims and people from diverse regions, to the holy place of the Parabrahma temple every day during the two months period of the Panthrandu Vilakku festival. Therefore, there is a major shift in economic gains to local people from the festival.
This research paper by Vimal Babu, School of Management and Entrepreneurship (SOME), AURO University, Surat and Sandeep Munjal School of Hospitality and Tourism (SHTM), Vedatya Institute, Gurgaon review the economic benefits to local residents of the Oachira during Oachira Panthrandu Vilakku (twelve-lamp) festival.

Here is the link to the research Oachira Panthrandu Vilakku


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